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The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Engagement Party

Here's How to Pull off the Perfect Modern Bohemian Bash.

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments in your life. It’s the time when you and your partner decide to start a journey together, and what better way to celebrate than with an engagement party? An engagement party is the perfect way to share your happiness with friends and family. But before you dive into the planning process, there are some important things to consider. In this guide, we’ll answer some common etiquette questions and provide tips on how to plan the ultimate bohemian engagement party.

What is an Engagement Party?

An engagement party is a pre-wedding celebration that’s typically hosted by the couple or their families. It’s a way to announce the engagement and introduce the couple to each other’s families and friends. It’s also a great opportunity for the couple to celebrate their love and receive gifts. An engagement party can be a formal affair or a casual gathering, depending on the couple’s preference.

Common Etiquette Questions, Answered.

Who Plans and Pays for an Engagement Party?

Traditionally, the bride’s family would host and pay for the engagement party. However, in modern times, it’s common for the couple or both families to split the cost. Or, in the trendier bohemian theme, the couple and their friends might even plan and fund the party together.

Who Gets Invited?

The guest list for an engagement party typically includes the couple’s immediate families, close friends, and members of the bridal party. You don’t have to invite everyone who will be invited to the wedding, but it’s important to make sure everyone who attends the party knows that they may not be a part of the final wedding guest list.

When Does an Engagement Party Take Place?

An engagement party traditionally takes place within a few months of the engagement announcement, but before the wedding planning starts in earnest. A few people might have to travel for the event, but since it doesn’t have to be scheduled around as many other activities (like a wedding), you have the luxury of timing it around the best weather, the dates special guests are available, or even an unexpected weekend, making it all the more spontaneous and fun.

Steps for Planning Your Engagement Party

Set a Budget

The first step in planning any party is to set a budget. This will help you determine the guest list, venue, and other details. It's important to decide if there is a theme, and any specific entertainment or food aspects that you wanted to include in order to keep your budget focused and on track.

Choose a Venue

Once you’ve set your budget, the next decision is where to host the party. You could have a backyard barbecue or rent out a hip local venue that fits within the bohemian theme. Another option might be a destination event, where you could combine the engagement party with a getaway weekend.

Decide on the Theme and Decorations

A modern bohemian engagement party can be full of color and variety. Think aged ivories, crystalline, stone and bronze patina. Also imagine cozy seating areas with vintage rugs, rustic chairs, and beautiful linen drapes adding artistic charm. Indulge in delicious oceanic delicacies showcased on stacked stone and wooden grazing tables. Adorn the dining stations with unique glass vases, pearlescent plates, and brass stemware. If your dinner is during sunset, mesmerizing crystal pendants illuminate stone facades, creating whimsical patterns that sway in the breeze. And of course, let's not forget florals, and unique lighting to create an unforgettable atmosphere. This is where you can let your creativity loose!

Plan the Menu and Drinks

A great way to also incorporate a modern bohemian wedding party feel might be to hire a caterer with creative food options that fit with the theme, like food trucks or stations around the courtyard. A creative bar menu featuring unique cocktails and mocktails would also add to the festive mood.

Send Out Invitations

Make sure you send out the invitations 4-6 weeks ahead of time so your guests can plan ahead. We suggest that you use a moody or a fun design on a digital invitation. Think exotic, raw, luxe, aged and minimal, or a fun design to feature some of the specific fun elements of the party, like a view of the venue or drinks and food offerings.

Planning an engagement party is a fun way to kick off the wedding celebrations. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can create a modern bohemian bash that will leave a lasting impression on all of your guests. As you plan your party, remember that it’s all about celebrating the love between you and your partner, so make sure the choices you make reflect that. Cheers to a fantastic boho-chic engagement party!

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