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27 Modern Bohemian Wedding Dress Designers for the Cool Bride in 2024

For the romantic, elegant, unconventional, edgy, bold and undoubtedly cool bride.

Photo: Rue De Seine

Are you looking for a unique wedding dress to wear on your special day in 2024? With so many designers to choose from, it can be daunting to pick a dress that is not only stylish and timeless, but also suitable for your budget. That's why I've gone ahead and compiled a list of some of the best wedding dress designers currently available - each offering something unique that will leave you feeling like a very beautiful and insanely cool version of yourself on your wedding day. From luxurious lace gowns handcrafted with intricate details to playful modern bohemian silhouettes with eye-catching embellishments, these 26 talented designers have something for every bride's style and budget! Read on to learn more about these gorgeous wedding dress designers and we'll show you where you can find the dresses and try them on!

(in alphabetical order)

1. Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell is an amazing Australian-based designer who crafts breathtaking gowns with ethereal details. Her creations will transport any bride to cloud nine with their mesmerizing charm. One of our absolute favorites are the two piece dresses that perfectly cater to the romantic laid-back bride, offering both style and comfort for the modern-romantic bride.

2. Berta

Berta's design style is truly avant-garde, constantly pushing the boundaries of the fashion world. Her creations are bold, sexy, and undeniably modern, seamlessly blending vintage materials with retro flair. With her innovative approach, Berta crafts wedding dresses that captivate and mesmerize, ensuring that every bride feels effortlessly stunning on her special day. We especially lover her Muse by Berta Collection.

Looking for a stunning wedding dress and need it ASAP? Look no further than Bronx and Banco's collection of modern bohemian bridal dresses and sets. Their selection embodies the latest "cool bride" fashion trends, catering to even the most discerning tastes. Each gown exudes pure icon status, effortlessly combining glamor with a touch of unconventional allure. Perfect for micro weddings, elopements and courthouse weddings, these dresses are sure to make you feel like the ultimate bride.

4. Cucculelli Shaheen

Drawing inspiration from the realms of classical art, mesmerizing music, captivating mythology, and the vibrant energy of New York City, Cucculelli Shaheen encapsulates the essence of elevated modern bohemian styles. To truly embody a bohemian bride, a dash or even an indulgence of artistic flair is a prerequisite. Explore their enchanting collections and embrace your inner artist.

5. Chantel Lauren

Step into your cowboy boots and feel like a beauty with impeccable style. Chantel Lauren's collection of western-styled wedding dresses is tailor-made for a country wedding. From luxurious leather jackets to super fun fringe details, these dresses are designed to add a touch of edge to your wedding look. Say "I do" in a gown that reflects your unique style and showcases your confident, cool, and natural personality.

6. Dana Harel

Dana Harel brings luxury bohemian bridal dreams to life with a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics. With a keen eye for detail and exquisite fabrics, Dana weaves intricate designs that capture the essence of individuality and timeless elegance. Each gown is a testament to her meticulous craftsmanship, creating unforgettable moments for brides on their special day. Experience the magic of Dana Harel and embrace your unique style with confidence and grace.

7. Danielle Frankel

With a fusion of celebration, art, and comfort, Danielle Frankle redefines the essence of being a woman on her wedding day. Inspired by nostalgia, whimsy, and a touch of edginess, she crafts bridal designs that honor tradition while embracing the desires of modern women. Danielle's creations epitomize comfort and individuality, offering a forward-thinking and direction-oriented approach. Step into the world of Danielle Frankle, where bridal beauty meets a new perspective of self-expression.

8. Daughters of Simone

Based in California, Daughters of Simone specializes in crafting traditional bohemian wedding gowns that exude a timeless charm. With meticulously curated vintage-inspired details, their dresses are designed to captivate. From delicate flutter sleeves to intricate crochet lace, each dress showcases the perfect balance of modern elegance and retro allure. For the bride seeking to elevate her wedding look with a hint of nostalgia, Daughters of Simone offers a collection that is both enchanting and utterly unforgettable.

9. Dreamers & Lovers

Dreamers and Lovers offers tailor-made bohemian gowns, beautifully blending authenticity, tradition, and comfort for confident women. Based in California, this designer creates stunning dresses that effortlessly capture the essence of modern bohemian beauty. From flowing maxis to chic two-piece sets, their collection is perfect for the laid-back bride who seeks both style and comfort on her big day. Let their authentic designs make you feel like the most captivating vision as you say "I do".

10. Galia Lahav

Step into the enchanting world of Galia Lahav, where visionary designer Galia Lahav has captured hearts with her daringly low backs, ethereal fabrics, and captivating silhouettes that have revolutionized the bridal industry. With an illustrious three-decade-long legacy, Galia Lahav stands tall as one of the foremost couture fashion houses, renowned for their impeccable craftsmanship, exquisite fabrics, and the innovative technology that ensures each garment is tailor-made to perfection, no matter where you are in the world. Let the allure of Galia Lahav sweep you away on a journey of bridal elegance and bespoke artistry.

11. Grace Loves Lace

Disillusioned with the structured, traditional wedding 'uniform' that dominated the market, Megan Ziems embarked on a mission to revolutionize the bridal industry with Grace Loves Lace. She firmly believed that quality should never be confined by a price tag, and that a woman should never have to choose between style and comfort on her special day. Rejecting the notion of mediocrity, Megan set out to craft extraordinary wedding dresses that captured the essence of the modern bohemian bride.

12. Leanne Marshall

Leanne Marshall, an innovative New York-based designer, crafts mesmerizing hand-painted dresses that breathe life into any bride's fairytale dreams. With exquisite details like enchanting florals and gracefully cascading ruffles, her creations are perfect for the whimsical bride seeking a touch of color and romance on her special day. Experience the magic and embrace an unforgettable journey as you walk down the aisle in one of Leanne Marshall's captivating creations.

13. Lillian West

With its Bohemian-inspired laid-back elegance, Lillian West dresses exude a truly unique vibe. Seamlessly blending sleek, modern design with classic boho chic elements, these dresses are a captivating fusion of contemporary and vintage-inspired lace. Each dress is meticulously crafted, resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is destined for the free-spirited bride.

Step into the picturesque world of Lovers Society's exquisite new Aegean collection. Inspired by the sun-drenched islands and lush olive trees of the Mediterranean, these form-fitting gowns effortlessly embody modern bohemian style. Delicate vine embroideries evoke enchanting moonlit evenings by the sea, while every satin detail tells a captivating story of confidence and charm. Prepare to be swept away by the flowy designs, as these wedding dresses exude elegance and leave a lasting impression. Get ready to say "I do" in a true masterpiece of bridal fashion.

15. Made with Love

Introducing Made with Love, the brainchild of designer Carla Jenkins. This collection showcases modern dresses that are guaranteed showstoppers, tailored for the effortlessly stunning. Prepare to be captivated by their daring V-necklines and seductively low backs, as well as their exquisitely crafted French crepe and 3D floral creations. Get ready to embrace true elegance and make a statement on your special day.

16. Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier's designs embody the epitome of poetry and bohemian luxury, evoking femininity, allure, and glamour that have established her as a renowned force in the world of bohemian bridal design. With an innate sense of style, Monique's artistry shines through in her captivating ready-to-wear, accessories and bridal collections. She skillfully blends whimsy and playfulness with luxurious elegance, creating a brand that beckons women who truly appreciate the art of fashion.

17. Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan, an incredible Indian-American fashion designer in New York City, creates exquisite and intricately detailed modern bohemian wedding gowns that are nothing short of breathtaking. His unique designs have graced royalty and captivated audiences worldwide. While we may not be drawn to traditional princess gowns, Naeem Khan's collection includes a stunning array of non-traditional wedding dresses that push boundaries and leave us in awe.

18. Rembo

Get ready to fall in love with Rembo's boho chic wedding dresses. Each gown is meticulously crafted with unique expertise to bring you laid-back, bohemian designs that radiate comfort and style. Designed with passion for boho fashion, these dresses are created in Belgium and handmade with love by skilled seamstresses in Portugal. Prepare to be captivated by the collection's lightweight dreamy fabrics, dynamic silhouettes, and daring feathery looks. Experience the ultimate blend of comfort and design as Rembo plays with textures and patterns, delivering an unforgettable wedding dress journey.

19. Rime Arodaky

Get ready to fall in love with the allure of French lace and the effortlessly chic bohemian vibes straight from France. Picture this: Rime Arodaky, the visionary wedding designer who is revolutionizing bridal wear. Step into the world of Bohemian Bride as we unveil everything you've ever dreamed of. This collection of wedding dresses is tailor-made for every type of celebration, whether it's a grand ceremony, a laid-back affair, a courthouse exchange of vows, or even a spontaneous weekend in Vegas. Each gown exudes an alternative charm, radiating sensuality and style. You won't be able to say no to these incredible designs.

20. Rish Bridal

Introducing the latest Rish Bridal collection: the enchanting White Lotus. These are moder and vintage bohemian wedding dresses exquisitely adorned with unique botanical lace and embroidery. Inspired by the intricate life cycle of the lotus, this collection is a blend of artistry and boho elegance. Each gown is a mesmerizing showstopper, designed to capture your heart.

21. Rue De Seine

Get ready to be swept away by the mesmerizing designs of Rue de Seine, one of my all-time favorite designers who is an absolute inspiration for Bohemian Brides. Hailing from New Zealand, designer Michelle Corty - this incredible creative soul - crafts breathtaking modern bohemian gowns that are bound to leave you speechless. From delicate lace embellishments to graceful flowing skirts and unique sleeves, every detail is meticulously designed.


SAINT, founded by Michele Corty, is the sister brand of the well-known bridal label Rue De Seine. Both brands have been influenced by Michele's time in France, with a special connection to Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris. When it comes to SAINT, its essence lies in the artistry, charm, and timeless craftsmanship that can be found on those historic streets. On the other hand, Rue draws inspiration from the jet-set bohemian atmosphere and adventurous spirit of its people. Together, these brands create a unique blend of modern bohemian style, heritage, and creativity.

23. Temperley

Discover the enchanting world of Temperley Bridal, crafted by the extraordinary Alice Temperley. Prepare to be captivated by her unparalleled expertise in textiles. Immerse yourself in a seamless fusion of artisanal techniques and innovative technologies. Experience the intricate artistry as delicate crystal bugle beads, meticulously handcrafted, elegantly contrast the sculptural satin duchesse. Each gown is a masterpiece, celebrating the unique beauty of every bride. Embracing a true essence of romance and a bohemian spirit that fearlessly defies conventions, Bridal by Alice Temperley weaves together a captivating tale of beauty, individuality, and true love.

24. Watters

Watters has a range of remarkable brands under their umbrella, including Willowby by Watters. This particular collection is designed for the brides who prefer to embark on the less conventional path, embracing a natural, yet audacious, free-spiritedness. I had the wonderful opportunity to personally witness their stunning collections at NYBFW, and I must say, I was absolutely captivated!

25. Wilderly Bride

Experience the enchantment of The Allure Bridals, Wilderly Bride collection inspired by the captivating wonders of nature. Delicate floral lace intertwines with leaf-like patterns, mirroring the elegance of unfurling flowers and tranquil woodland clearings. The flowing skirts mimic the graceful movement of water, while structured bodices ensure perfect balance. Embrace the allure of bohemian high fashion and the undeniable beauty of Mother Nature with Wilderly Bride. Crafted with coveted fluidity and grace, these gowns embody refined bohemian style, with a lace-focused design that speaks to the free-spirited brides.

26. Yolan Cris

Yolancris, the pioneering Barcelona-based fashion brand, has long been at the forefront of boho wedding fashion. As one of my favorite wedding dress designers, they truly inspire the Bohemian Bride. Their latest collection, Attitude, showcased at NYBFW, captures the essence of boldness and ultra coolness. With a nod to fashion icons and a tribute to women with attitude, this extensive collection embodies freedom. It offers an array of designs perfect for every type of woman. Combining the best of boho and haute couture, Yolancris presents a mesmerizing collection for brides.

27. Vera Wang

It is impossible not to be amazed by anything by Vera Wang. As one of the pioneers in eclectic bohemian modern designs, her haute couture approach will always leave a dramatic statement forever engraved in the hearts of your guests. We love the unique and one-of-a-kind allure that captures the essence of sophisticated rock-n-roll boho glamour in a way only Vera Wang wedding dresses can. By the way, have you tried Vera Wang's new fragrance Rock Princess? it's a beautiful scent.

Whether you're up for a romantic bridal dress, or you see yourself more of a glamorous bohemian or edgy bride, we know there is a dress out there that will make you feel confident and beautiful on your special day. Don't be afraid to visit a dozen designers' studios or the best bridal shops near you and try on various styles and silhouettes.

Taking risks is a part of expressing your personal style, so make your gown-shopping unique!