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The One Year Anniversary Gift for Men: Year of The Paper Gift

We have you covered with a wide range of gifts to delight the outdoorsy guy, the music-obsessed, the romantic type, and more.

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As the days go by, you take a glance at your calendar, realizing that it’s already been a year since your wedding day! Time flies quickly, doesn’t it? We want to whole-heartedly congratulate you! Surely it’s been a year intertwined with whole new experiences that you’re going to treasure for a lifetime. However, the occasion sets a task that requires meticulous thinking - coming up with first-year anniversary gifts.

Normally, you’ll want to give your partner something deeply meaningful, as it is the ideal time to proclaim your love and appreciation!

Additionally, the gifts for the first year of marriage are traditionally paper. On the other hand, this custom has been recently modernized into clocks. But, as you may know, we aren’t that big on traditions. What we strongly encourage, though, is letting our creativity run wild, resulting in unique presents that will surely leave an everlasting mark. In a way, we’re coming up with our own customs for creative gifting for the first year and all the ones that follow!

Before we start giving our ideas for a year of the paper gift, we would like to provide you with information about the meaning and origin of the tradition and how it has evolved over the years. Mainly, the paper represents a blank slate of the life that’s coming ahead – you and your partner are the sole writers of this divine story.

Furthermore, the threads that keep paper together symbolize the immense strength that your relationship conveys. And, since paper’s incredibly versatile, your ideas can go far and wide when curating the perfect anniversary gifts for men!

As far as the origin goes, the paper gifts tradition dates back to the Victorian Era. More so, it was Emily Post, an American writer, who established the idea of giving anniversary presents year-by-year in her book titled “Etiquette, with each year having its own unique symbolism. We love books! and highly recommend adding this one to your collection!

Wedding Etiquette

The Post Family Collaboration


Best Seller: available on Amazon

In the past, couples would take a rather simple approach, writing down their feelings of love on a piece of paper. This timeless form of eternalizing words still holds on to this day and portrays an unparalleled sense of intimacy.

The Story Of Us Journal

Deepen communication and strengthen your bond.

available on Amazon


However, like most things in life – traditions included – undergo a modernization process. With that said, first-year anniversary gifts turned from paper into clocks. It represents eternal love and honors the time you and your partner will spend together, in deep adoration and indescribable respect. How about we get more innovative with our paper anniversary gifts for men and infuse them with creativity!

Custom Origami Clock

It's always time for love.

available on Etsy


Since we strive to bring tradition and modernism together, we have come up with the ultimate year of the paper gift! A unique origami paper clock. It is fully customizable, thus evoking an enticing, romantic bohemian vibe. You can put in both of your names, the date when your new life chapter began, and other details you find significant to your love story. Whenever you look at the time, you’ll always be reminded that it's always time for love. What makes this gift truly special is that the paper used for the clock can be styled down to the last detail, to perfectly represent the man of your dreams!

Zine Luxe Subscription

Encourage your partner to have a moment of blissful offline presence.

by The Little Press

starting at $190 - 12 months subscription

A zine subscription from The Little Press is a gift that is meant to spark joy, or inspiration to journal or style, or be creative in a unique way. These poetic monthly or bi-monthly telegrams are so cool and unique, your husband will absolutely get a kick out of them. With themes such as: Oasis, Times, Love Poems, Snakeskin, The Moon, The Wanderer, The Sun & The Moon and Meditations. You’ll be taken back to the olden days because there’s nothing sweeter than receiving mail full of love!

Paper Art with Heart

Imprint various words that are meaningful to you.

available on Etsy


Get a carefully-crafted media piece for your loved one! If your man is a fan of pop art, he’s might love this collage made of paper.

Messy Love Abstract Heart Painting

Art by Kirsten Koza.

available on Etsy


A work of art can also remind us of love. Just like your relationship, a work of art is one-of-a kind. Express your emotions and decorate your walls with art on paper.

Foil Metallic Song Lyrics

Personalized paper with gold, copper, silver or rose gold foil.

available on Etsy

We all have that one song - that makes us instantly move, takes us back in memorable type, or simply reminds us of the person we love the most! So, why not make it into a first-year anniversary gift? You can pick out the song your husband or both of you adore and print the lyrics out in a circular motif. Like a wise man once said - whatever you can’t say with words, say it with a song.

Custom Map

Remember your love story and meaningful locations.

available on Etsy


Trail the lines that brought you and your beloved together! You can fully customize a map of all the significant places for both of you. We cannot think of a more romantic and bohemian way to celebrate the one you love the most!

Nautilus Paper Art

If he loves the ocean he'll love this paper sculpture.

available on Etsy


The open waters carry a sense an unmatched sense of mysticism – it’s why so many people are drawn to the beauty of it. If your husband is one of them, the best year of the paper gift you can give is an exquisite nautilus paper sculpture, layered to produce an eye-catching three-dimensional effect.

3D Paper Art

Art sculptures by MinkArt.

available on Etsy


Additionally, the sculptures can be shaped in various ways, depending on your liking. These intricate and detailed art pieces will provide the perfect bohemian decoration.

Wooden Paper Origami Clock

Sculptural minimalist clock art piece.

available on Etsy


The beauty of polarity in the color white with wood framing in this sculptural clock is a work of art that balances bohemian spirit and minimalist intent.

Book of Feathers

by artist, Malena Valcarcel

available on Etsy


The book of feathers is an incredibly poetic bohemian gift, that will leave your loved one in awe! It can be a great addition to your library, evoking warm feelings whenever you look at it.

One Perfect Year

Share photos of your love story

available on Minted

starting at $50 - $500

A picture tells a story of a million words, so why not collect your most memorable ones and frame them? Paired with a black and white filter, they’re sure to bring the most wonderful memories of your first year as a married couple!

Heartbeat, Lifeline Folded Book Art

A creative way to tell your partner he has your heart.

available on Etsy


If your husband adores reading books, giving him a custom book fold that reminds him of love or customized with your wedding date will be the ideal anniversary gift! It’s such a romantic bohemian art sculpture with incredible attention to detail.

Personalized Song Sheet Music Print

Display your special song as sheet music.

available on Blim & Blum


Music is the medium that brings us together! So give your partner an anniversary gift that will bring you closer than ever before. Print out the sheet music of your first dance song and watch his eyes glisten as he remembers the special moment.

Paper Floating Lanterns

A romantic way to set good intentions for many years to come

available on Amazon


Light the way to your love. Light up these stunning paper lanterns and send them off in the open waters, wishing for a year enlaced in love and excitement with your dearest one.

Your Vows as a Letterpress Art Print

Turn your vows into timeless works of art.

available on Minted


Creative giving is all about the message behind the gift, and we cannot think of anything more significant than your touching marriage vows!

Paper-cut Antique Typewriter

Are you married to a writer?

available on Etsy


Is your husband a lover of all things antique? Or maybe he loves proclaiming his love for you in written form? Either way, you can’t go wrong with a framed paper-cut typewriter! Its incredible bohemian detail will look marvelously on the wall.

Superhero Origami Clock

Fun and one-of-a kind clock art piece.

available on Etsy


Every man is different right! Let's say your partner is a fan of superheroes – or you simply want to give him something fun, timeless and collectible, well look no further, this comics clock is a true work of art.

Wedding Vow Art

available on Etsy $34.47

Showcase your vows and your favorite wedding photo on a beautiful piece of art you can display around your house as a way to commemorate your special day. It’s a gift for you and for him.

Happy Anniversary - Personalized Book

by LoveBook

starting at $46

If your man is an avid reader or a fan of cute illustrations, this personalized book is an excellent choice. List all the reasons why you love him and bound them in a book for him to cherish forever.

We have come to the end of our list of ideas for first-year anniversary gifts. Although these are all stellar choices, there’s no gift better than love! We congratulate you again, and we hope you spend your anniversary most romantically. We’ll be expecting you for year two!

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