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Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2024 Review

Hey there! As the Founder, Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of Bohemian Bride, I attended my first New York Bridal Fashion Week. Sitting at runway shows, attending showroom appointments, and mingling with designers to get a first-hand look at the most breathtaking and unique wedding dresses, was one of the most uplifting experiences of my life.

And let me tell you, the Fall 2024 season blew me away! Designers and brands completely surpassed my expectations, delivering fresh, innovative, and daring garments that brides will absolutely adore. I witnessed some incredible trends in draping techniques, reimagined bodices, extra large 3D florals and lots of glam minis. It left me in awe of the sheer dedication each designer poured into their collections. It was an absolute standout season preview, my friend!

Before I dive in further, the terrible attacks in Israel unfortunately began 3 days before New York Bridal Fashion Week, resulting in the cancelation of two highly anticipated runways I was invited to by extremely talented Israeli designers, Berta Balilti and Galia Lahav. I have to admit I was so relieved to take my attention away from the breaking news and drift into the world of wedding bliss for my own mental health. Please feel free to browse their dresses in my bridal shop locator to find a a location near you to try them on!

Now, let's talk about the designers who truly captured my attention during this industry event...Let's start with Francesca Miranda, my first appointment on October 9th, 2023, at 9 am. Her fabric selection skills are truly remarkable.

Once I laid eyes on this exquisite floral dress, the gorgeous fabric drew me in. Its unique charm and beauty captivated me like nothing I had ever seen before.

Francesca Miranda, a truly remarkable individual, is as delightful to speak with as her designs are captivating.

Next, let's talk about Rime Arodaky. The minute I laid eyes on the models walking the runway, I knew it would be one of my favorite presentations of season.

She took french lace silhouettes to a whole new level, creating a bold aesthetic that sets it apart from anything else in the bridal world.

Her designs are a perfect match for the effortlessly cool and modern bohemian bride.

I absolutely adore her unique creations, which beautifully capture the essence of individuality and free-spirited style.

We then went to meet Ines Di Santo, who is truly an amazing person.

With over 30 years of design experience, Ines constantly strives to create something new, unique, and whimsical - which I absolutely love!

Spending time with her is fantastic because her aura is sweet and pure, and she has this motherly presence that is so comforting.

We were then lucky enough to attend a private viewing of the mastermind behind Rue De Seine Michelle Corty's highly anticipated new collection, SAINT, set to be released to the public in December. Unfortunately I can't share her new designs with you just yet!

But what I can share is that Michelle is nothing short of a goddess and a true inspiration me. Her vision for the bohemian bride is absolutely breathtaking. I am completely in awe of her and her creations. The Rue De Seine and SAINT collections truly capture the essence of the ultimate bohemian bridal style. Prepare to be swept away by romantic gowns with beautiful structure designed by the most beautiful person you could ever meet.

Stay tuned as we can't wait to share her new collection with you!

We then had a meeting with Elly reps to check out her new designs. They were absolutely stunning, with intricate beadwork and trumpet sleeves.

Chan Luu blew us away with an incredible new wedding design. It features lace cut-outs around the neck and over the shoulder, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness.

Check out Myra Designs for an adorable short wedding dress that doubles as a reception party dress. It's so fun to wear and looks absolutely stunning!

Coby John's wedding dress caught our eye with its stunning 3D floral detail and long V-neck. It looked absolutely gorgeous!

I love this Coby John best seller! He brought it to the 2024 preview even though it was made it in 2021 and it continues to sell, sell, sell! It's totally cool and will make you look absolutely fabulous!

I was really excited for Watters' showcase, but unfortunately, their Willowby collection faced a shipping issue. Luckily, I still got to see a fantastic 2024 collection, which featured stunning draped wedding dresses that truly caught my eye.

Now, let's dive into the beautiful world of Yolan Cris, a bridal designer who truly understands the essence of bohemian brides. Their styles are not only cutting-edge but also irresistibly groovy.

And then I discovered Marco & Maria and was intrigued by all of the alternative dresses they had. They were so etherial and unique! Can't wait to see more.

At our last NYBFW runway presentation, we had the privilege of experiencing the stunning creations of Ese Azenabor. The runway was set in a beautifully decorated venue at the St. Regis hotel. Her bridal looks were incredibly fresh, elegant, and unique, leaving me in complete awe. I couldn't wait to chat with her and learn about her sources of inspiration. One thing is for sure, this lady has a deep appreciation for bling. She truly is an amazing woman, and I'm eagerly anticipating what she'll unveil in the coming Spring!

To wrap up this unforgettable experience, I truly think that the wedding dresses featured at New York Bridal Fashion Week are among the most beautiful and creative designs I’ve seen to date. It was an honor to be invited and experience it all first-hand. Moving forward into bridal fashion, these collections have shown us that when it comes to your special day, the sky is the limit when it comes to wild ideas and stunning silhouettes. Whether you’re looking for something flirty or romantic, there’s plenty of unique options out there that will make you look and feel like a million bucks. Get inspired for your own upcoming wedding by checking out our wedding dress and bridal shop directory for what's new! Don't forget—your big day won't be complete without the perfect dress!


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