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12 Jewelry Vendors to Know for Your Wedding Day and Beyond

Photo: Rue De Seine | Jewelry: Ben Amun

Jewelry is one of the most essential aspects of any wedding. Even the whole marriage process starts with it – by giving a ring, promising everlasting love. It defines your style, amplifies the event’s aesthetics, and complements the overall theme in astonishing ways. If you wish to showcase your inner fashionista and make everyone go WOW on your special day, accessorize yourself with gorgeous statement pieces! Wearing beautiful ornaments is a perfect way to accentuate your features and complete your whole bridal look. After all, it’s all in the details.

Photo: AB Ellie

Choosing the right accessories for your big day is just as crucial as choosing the right dress and venue. Investing in jewelry that stands out the test of time is the BEST decision you can ever make for your wedding day. In recent times, couples have been picking designs that stand the test of time and can be worn even after the grand day. Finding the perfect style for your ensemble can seem a bit daunting, especially when there are many options to choose from. But don’t fret – we have compiled a list of amazing jewelry vendors to help you make the right decision! Whether you are looking for a bold, or minimalistic piece to accent your neckline, or thinking about finding impeccable adornments for your rehearsal dinner, having a look at these incredible bridal jewelry brands will surely prove to be helpful for you.

1. Ben-Amun

If you are looking for bespoke jewelry designs, Ben-Amun is your go-to luxury brand.

Multi-Charm Necklace

Ben Amun $370

Shop this item at Neiman Marcus

This high-end jewelry brand was founded by an Egyptian designer, Isaac Manevitz in the 1970s, and is often used in Rue De Seine photo shoots. Ben-Amun offers impeccable designs that complement your reception or bridal day outfits flawlessly. From rings and necklaces to bracelets and cufflinks – every piece is the epitome of a work of art. The delicate designs and intricate details look dazzling and enchanting.

Textured Double-Dangle Earrings

Ben Amun $220

Shop this at Bergdorf Goodman

Isaac is an artist at heart and crafts unique jewelry designs that exude immense charm, elegance, and royalty. Ben-Amun also features in famous magazines regularly including; Vogue, Elle, L’Officiel, and Harper’s Bazaar. The best part about these designs is that they are curated from different mediums and feature iconic Egyptian styles that look ethereally beautiful.

Rose Bracelet, Noemi Bracelet, Isabelle Bracelet

Ben Amun starting at $130

Shop these items at Ben Amun

Here’s what the Egyptian founder has to say about his brand; “the designs are crafted for women who wish to be remembered for their poise, sophistication, elegance, and intellect forever. The kind of woman that wants to be noticed and can light up an entire room with her presence”

Ben Amun features unique and elegant jewelry used by stylists in photo shoots. Popular stars, including Blake Lively, Rihanna, and Kate Moss have rocked Ben-Amun designs perfectly. If you are a fashion-forward bride looking for modern yet timeless ornaments to complement your wedding day look, head over to Ben-Amun ASAP! The contemporary feeling combined with a touch of glamour will give you a stylish look that your guests will remember forever!

2. Monsieur Blonde

For the bride who dreams of making a statement on her big day, Monsieur Blonde has high-end jewelry designs to turn your dreams into reality.

Your Body Earrings

Monsieur Blonde $95

Shop this item at Monsieur Blonde

From elegant designs to chic modern jewels – the brand has something to offer for everyone!

Galaxy Earrings

Monsieur Blonde $139

Shop this item at Gigi Belle

Growing up in Paris, Monsieur Blonde’s Creative Director creates pieces that feature timeless French elegance and unique Parisian styles. According to the founder, women develop an emotional attachment to the jewels they wear on special occasions. For this reason, it is important to provide them with designs that offer a bespoke combination of contemporary and vintage styles. The unique jewelry the brand presents portrays classic allure, beauty, and delicacy.

Lip Bite Necklace , I Met You Necklace

Monsieur Blonde starting at $110

Shop this item at Monsieur Blonde

French elegance combined with handcrafted East Asian artistic designs makes this brand perfect for bohemian brides. The best part? Monsieur Blonde offers enchanting designs for women who enjoy a masculine and feminine look.

Winter Heart

Monsieur Blonde $95

Shop this item at Monsieur

If you are looking for beautiful statement pieces that will symbolize your love, opting for this French brand is the ideal choice for you. You can also ask them to create a custom piece of jewelry for you to make the entire event dressing process even more special and meaningful.

3. Child of Wild

This sustainable, fashionable brand has been winning the hearts of bohemian babes forever.

Tefnut Pearl Earrings

Child Of Wild $108

Shop this item at Child of Wild

Child of Wild is a modern contemporary brand that offers a bespoke collection of rings, pendants, bracelets, and cufflinks. Their “angel necklace” is the most popular piece of jewelry that hundreds of people have flaunted worldwide.

Quartz Angel Necklace

Child Of Wild $210

Shop this item at Child of Wild

Eileen Lofgren is the founder and creative designer behind Child of Wild. She opened the brand to give homage to the cultures and artists and curate authentic designs that will leave an everlasting impression. Child of Wild features gorgeous ornamental pieces inspired by culture, history, and heritage.

Eclectic vintage jewelry designs crafted by the brand have been featured in many of the world’s most renowned magazines, including Glamour, Vogue, and SI Swim.

And guess what?

The world’s youngest billionaire Kylie Jenner has worn the brand’s unique designs for 3 Coachella’s in a row!

Feathers Of Peace Necklace

Child Of Wild $104

Shop this item at Child of Wild

Customized engagement rings and wedding jewelry is the dream of every fashionista bride. Luckily, Child of Wild offers a custom charm bar where you can design, craft, and create your own personalized adornments for your big day. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? These uniquely crafted thoughtful pieces will allow you to unleash your inner creativity and style. In essence, having custom-made jewelry will be a symbolic representation of your unique love story. This one-of-a-kind design pieces portray the significance of the relationship beautifully.

4. Love AJ

If you are looking for cute sparkly, and gorgeous everyday jewelry staples that you can wear on your wedding day and beyond, Love AJ has quintessential designs for you.

Amanda Thomas is the creative visionary director behind Love AJ. She worked as a celebrity stylist for Cristina Erhlich, and today, her jewelry is used by stylists in photo shoots across the globe.

Pave Interlock Hoops

Love AJ $85

Shop this item at Revolve

Amanda's creativity and love for designing intricate ornaments turned her after-school hobby into a full-time business.

Daisy Statement Earrings

Love AJ $200

Shop this item at Revolve

x Revolve Double Coin Charm Necklace

Love AJ $113

Shop this item at Revolve

Steller Bezel Lariat

Love AJ $150

Shop this item at Love AJ

This celebrity-approved jewelry brand will enchant your senses with its unique and colorful palettes. The brand’s brilliant designs are perfect for celebrating any special event.

Ballier Chain Studs

Love AJ $50

Shop this item at Luv AJ

Love AJ quickly caught our eyes when we saw Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Bieber flaunting their chic and stylish designs on runway looks.

Pyramid Bezel Statement bracelet

Love AJ $125

Shop this item at Love AJ

Their exclusive Pyramid Bezel Statement Bracelet is a bestseller something that you should definitely check out!

5. Opalmilk

Opalmilk is a renowned jewelry brand well-known for creating modern bohemian handmade jewelry by using Earth’s gifts. Simply put, their statement pieces are a true definition of “wearable art”.

First Light Earrings

Opalmilk $150

Shop this item at Opalmilk

Featuring large crystals, quartz, ceramic chains, clay beads, and sandstone chunks- their unique jewelry is ideal for any bride who is bohemian at heart.

Deco Blanc Gloss

Opalmilk $280

Shop this item at Opalmilk

Their earrings, necklaces, and bracelets will surely leave you in awe. Rye is the creative force behind Opalmilk. While growing up in the Pacific North West, Rye developed a strong love for Mother Nature which is clearly evident in her jewelry designs. “I love the combination of something organic and rigid; with a touch of something that sparkles. Perhaps it is the way I translate how I see myself and the constant turnover of life transcending. Yin & Yang, that lovely balance’ says Rye about Opalmilk.

Shining Sea

Opalmilk $375

Shop this item at Opalmilk

6. Catbird

Marquise Pearl Lace Necklace

Catbird $825

Shop this item at Catbird

Catbird offers a brilliant collection of delicate and minimal gold, diamond and pearl collections. These are jewelry pieces that you can sleep in! This jewelry is for the bohemian minimalist into subtle glamour.

Lyrie Earrings

Catbird $535

Shop this item at Catbird

You can style their gorgeous rings and necklaces both as statement pieces and daily accessories. Either way, they look exquisitely gorgeous. This brand is unique because it offers a quintessential variety of jewels, all of which are elegantly modern yet classic and timeless. Their dainty earrings, subtle sparkle necklaces, and effortlessly chic wedding bands will sweep you off your feet.

Evening Star Bracelet

Catbird $690

Shop this item at Catbird

The legacy of midi rings and delicate gold rings began at Catbird! The brand was formulated in 2004 by Rony, a die-hard lover of everything related to jewelry. Her authentic and exquisite style makes it one of the best-selling bohemian glam jewelry brands.

Diamond Mitten

Catbird $390

Shop this item at Catbird

The lite weight ornamental pieces are crafted from fine-quality diamonds, pearls, stones, and gold. Undoubtedly, there is something undeniably timeless about this brand.

7. ABEllie


A.B. Ellie $259

Shop this item at A.B. Ellie

Another classic jewelry vendor is ABEllie. The brand was founded by a talented mother-daughter duo who believes in catering to the modern bride's needs and creating pieces that stand the test of time.

Adina Tier

A.B. Ellie $269

Shop this item at A.B. Ellie

The specialty of this jewelry line is that each piece is hand-crafted with utmost love and dedication in St.Paul, Minnesota. Their tassel earrings and snowy white hair branch are the bestsellers. Check out this brand if you are looking for artisanal pieces that will accentuate your gown.

Magnolia Stem Drop

A.B. Ellie $275

Shop this item at A.B. Ellie

ABEllie is a perfect brand for the modern bride who is seeking elegance and sophistication. It is the ideal option for the free-spirit confident bride who wishes to make an iconic statement with her jewelry. The best part is that you can style their gorgeous ensembles even after your wedding day. Be it your honeymoon or anniversary celebration – the everlasting elegance of ABEllie’s statement pieces have you covered.

8. Azlee

When it comes to customizing wedding jewelry, no one does it better than Azlee! We're talking real diamonds with a hefty price tag, but all bohemian!

Founded in 2015 by Baylee Ann Zwart, Azlee exudes a unique combination of ancient heritage merged with Art Deco architecture and modern romance aesthetics.

Owl of Athena and Earth Coin Necklace

Azlee $11,310

Shop this item at Neiman Marcus

The collection of modern bohemian bracelets are "charm ready" and radiate classic French elegance.

Owl of Athena and Earth Coin Necklace

Azlee $11,310

Shop this item at Neiman Marcus

Furthermore, their unusual and graceful designs will enchant your senses. This line of contemporary fine jewelry draws inspiration from the heritage of ancient civilizations. Each piece is modern work of art that is ideal for couples who wish to wear something unique on their wedding day.

Kite Diamond

Azlee $8,730

Shop this item at Azlee

The brand epitomizes “elevated, versatile, and modern” designs. In essence, Azlee has also been styled by the famous Harry Potter actress Emma Watson. Bella Hadid, Scarlett Johnson, and Gigi Hadid have also been spotted flaunting classic Azlee designs.

9. Lucy Folk

Lucy Folk, a Paris-based designer, is the founder and creative vision behind the jewelry line, emphasizing that the brand is for those seeking the unconventional.

Pearl Diver

Lucy Folk $121

Shop this item at Lucy Folk

It symbols the rich and elegant patterns that are trademarks of timeless jewels. The luxury brand offers exquisite chromatic hues to add brilliant colors to your festivities.

Mystic Rays Ring

Lucy Folk $2,420

Shop this item at Lucy Folk

The eclectic fashion sense combined with bespoke aesthetics makes Lucy Folk an iconic jewelry line.

Visa Vis Bracelet

Lucy Folk $2,214

Shop this item at Lucy Folk

The eclectic fashion sense combined with bespoke aesthetics makes Lucy Folk an iconic jewelry line.

The founder aims to convert creative and elegant pieces into wearable art to give you a lovely experience. Lucy Folk is composed of an amazing wedding jewelry collection for you to choose from!

Higher Than The Sun

Lucy Folk $1,729

Shop this item at Lucy Folk

The eclectic fashion sense combined with bespoke aesthetics makes Lucy Folk an iconic jewelry line.

The eclectic fashion sense combined with bespoke aesthetics makes Lucy Folk an iconic jewelry line.

10. Temple of the Sun

Anki Necklace Gold

Temple Of The Sun $229

Shop this item at Temple of The Sun

A creative couple owns temple of the Sun; Yonna Derofe and Darren Gallant, who believe in drawing inspiration from cultural antiquities, art, and modern design. The power duo has a nag for doing things differently, making their brand stand out in the wedding industry. They aim at “crafting designs with intention and integrity,” adding an alluring touch to your festive occasions.

Ember Earrings

Temple Of The Sun $219

Shop this item at Temple of the Sun

The brand’s ceremonial rings are one-of-a-kind. The timeless allure associated with them is phenomenal. Their unique statement pieces are inspired by celestial bodies. The aesthetics appear stunning to the eye and look utterly enchanting.

Baye Necklace Gold

Temple Of The Sun $169

Shop this item at Temple of the Sun

The best part about this jewelry line is that all the designs are crafted on sterling silver and 2.5 microns 18k gold plating. If you are looking forward to investing in jewelry, opting for Temple of the Sun is the right option for you.

11. Union Studio Metals Jewelry

Continental Divide

Union Studio Metals $169

Shop this item at Union Studio Metals

Union Studio Metals Jewelry is home to bohemian aesthetic pieces that appeal to men and women. They produce unique and organic pieces of metal jewelry that will last for a generations and can easily amount to family heirlooms.

Crystal Jessica Earrings

Union Studio Metals $72

Shop this item at Union Studio Metals

Founded by metal smith Michelle Keller, each piece of this jewelry line is crafted delicately to suit your needs. All the adornments are handmade from fine quality materials. The brand's creative director strongly encourages customization since it makes the designing process more personal and meaningful.

Minimalist Necklace

Union Studio Metals $148

Shop this item at Union Studio Metals

Union Studio Metals is the go-to brand for brides who wish to wear something as unique as their love story on their wedding day.

12. White November

Australian designer Bianca Librandi founded White November to create effortless ornaments that emanate je ne sais quoi.

The brand is designed for brides who adore beautiful jewelry infused with deep symbolic meaning and hints of charming allure and delicacy.

Moonphase Earrings

White November $691

Shop this item at White November

Their celestial-inspired ceremonial rings are perfect for unapologetically authentic couples who dream of celebrating an extraordinary wedding day.

Eridani Solitaire Ring

White November $2,074

Shop this item at White November

Every piece is uniquely crafted to capture the beauty of forever. Their engagement rings are super enchanting and glamorous. The uniqueness of this brand lies in the feature that every design is infused with a symbolic meaning that dates back to the concept of love, history, culture, or heritage.

Stardust Necklace

White November $512

Shop this item at White November

The delicate designs and dainty patterns are synonymous with the celebration of heartfelt occasions such as; engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and proposals.

We hope that the above range of best jewelry vendors proves helpful and enables you to make the right decision for your big day. Jewelry is integral to the wedding day since it accentuates the occasion's theme. Don’t forget to check out our blog post on Groomsmen Gifts which we think are extremely cool!

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