Barcelona, Spain

Yolan Cris for Bohemian Bride

Born and raised in Barcelona, Yolanda and Cristina grew up in a world of rich culture, tradition, and design. They both inherited their interest for supreme femininity, passion for sewing, and a vast knowledge of the finest textiles from their mother. The latest Yolan Cris collection is a prêt-à-couture 70’s inspired bridal line, casual-style which reflects a bohemian elegance, where every single wedding dress exudes craftsmanship and decorum. The Yolan Cris bride is an elegant and avante garde woman who understands fashion very well but wants to stay true to her own identity. Their designs are bold, unexpected, and very fashion-forward. Their use of the finest Spanish, Italian, and French fabrics set them apart in the bridal fashion industry.

Yolan Cris currently has strong presence in over forty countries. Their secret? Every design and Yolan Cris creation is hand-crafted in their Atelier in Barcelona, where are selected high quality European fabrics and every detail is studied minutely with passion. With the same feeling as the beginning, Yolanda and Cristina are still remodeling, modernizing and rebuilding their personality and creativity, based on their team which has companied them from the beginning. Always focused on the reliability of the national production, the quality handwork, originality and innovation of new designs. The brand is looking forward to the successful future, with one foot in the present and a strong step forward.