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Chloe Ensemble



New Realm

The Chloé Ensemble brings together individual, Saint-signature pieces to create a full, aisle-ready bridal look, for brides seeking versatility and room for personalization, inviting endless possibilities to layer up or strip back according to your personal bridal vision - from minimalistic chic to boldly enchanting.

The Chloé Corset - designed to inspire brides seeking versatility and contemporary elegance, this fully pleated satin corset can be worn both on or off the shoulder. A beautifully textured bodice features a metal busk running through the front, providing not only structure but also a touch of edge that sets this piece apart.

Oriane Skirt - With its simplistically modern silhouette, the Oriane Skirt is a true testament to the art of understated beauty. Crafted entirely on the bias, the warm satin gently wraps the body before gracefully flaring out into a subtle train, adding just the right amount of drama.


Available at the following location(s):

a&be bridal shop
723 S Street Suite 100
Sacramento CA 95811
tel: + (916) 446-8807

Lovely Bride
3013 University Avenue,
San Diego CA 92104
tel: (619) 230-5003

Lovely Bride
2266 Union St
San Francisco, CA 94123
tel: (415) 636-7996

Chloe Ensemble