New York based husband and wife duo Anthony Cucculelli and Anna Rose Shaheen launched a new collection approximately one year ago, as a first time collaboration called Alchemy + Mysticism, that is absolutely stunning and in my opinion, the epitome of modern bohemian luxe. Since then I have been following their work and they never fail to blow me away with their new designs. All gowns are made-to-measure using 3D technology (body scanners) to get your exact measurements to ensure they fit like a glove. Most importantly these gowns are a work of art that define the truly captivating essence of bohemian luxe fashion, combining artistry, intricate patterns and mystical symbology that speaks volumes to us on so many levels. Both designers have a stellar work history designing for Roberto Cavalli and Emilio Pucci, two of my favorite designers. So there's no surprise that this amazingly talented, and from what I've read, exceptionally cool couple, collaborated to create this exquisite line of work that combines modern technology and artisanal embroidery. I simply had to share these beauties with you to inspire your search for a bohemian reception or wedding gown. And if it's a wedding gown you seek, take a look at Constellation, it has customized sky mapping embroidery based on the date of your occasion! the future of fashion is here! I must warn you, this collection is a bit pricey for a simple bohemian wedding, but if you have the money, just remember that modern bohemian is rich and redefining itself in this day and age. It's up to you to push all the boundaries and embrace your inner artist!

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