If you are ready to commit to a full fletch bohemian escape, might I suggest the exotic far far-away yet very accessible magnificent land of Morocco? Traveling is always a source of joy especially if you are a free-spirited couple who lives to explore the bounties of nature. But, when you are about to set on the most important journey of your life with your life partner, the destination you choose to go right after saying “I Do” becomes exceptionally crucial in setting a romantic and tone.

Morocco is different than any other holiday destination in vogue these days. It’s culturally rich, culinary divine and naturally blessed when it comes to glorious scenic views. It is a truly honeymoon wanderlust for the couples who are not afraid to go a little far away. Morocco is an excellent entry to the mighty Africa, though you would find traces of French culture here as well.

Moroccan cityscape is an exquisite blend of traditional and modern values: the historical architecture when mixed with the postmodern spread of the city gives a diverse and romantically nostalgic view. It seems as the walls of Moroccan buildings are carrying centuries old secrets in them, if you and your partner have got a flare and hunger for architect, you will have the time of your life exploring old Moroccan cityscape.

Another significant tourist attraction of Morocco has to be the famous Sahara Desert. If you are visiting Morocco for your honeymoon, make sure you spend a night in the desert. The desert sand naturally gets cold in the night and there is nothing more romantic than dancing on the tunes of traditional Berber music amid cold desert sand under the roof of sparkling stars.

Essaouira or the Blue City is also a must-visit place with your partner in Morocco. Essaouria is considered one of the finest jewels of Atlantic Coast not because of the crystal-clear water but because of the spread of culture on the medina across it. From small pottery shops to vendors BBQing sardines in traditional Moroccan spices, you’d find a little bit of everything here.



Leonie Hanne via @ohhcouture

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