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Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Is your concept of holidays not confined to popular tourist spots and luxury hotels in big cities? Do you yearn for luxurious holidays in the midst of nature? If answers to all these questions are in the affirmative, you are a perfect candidate for holidays inside luxury Teepees. Tipis or Teepees are the talk of the town these days and there is a range among the people to book their next holidays inside these canvas camps that bring luxury in the middle of a forest, mountain, or near a river.

photo: El Cosmico

If you do not know, Teepees are cone shaped tents that are made from animal skin and supported by poles. They look unique because of the smoke flaps that create an opening at their top. These Teepees were first used by the aboriginal tribesmen. But today, Teepees are mainly used for the purpose of recreation and accommodation of the tourists in exotic lands around the country.

photo: Redwood State Park

photo: West Gate River Ranch

You cannot even imagine the kind of luxurious environment that is created inside these tents by those who look after the hospitality of their guests. Not only are modern Teepees strong and durable but they are full of all comforts and provide warmth to the guests against chilly winds. They can be made cool when placed in a hot area or during summer season and they are robust enough to provide protection from rains.

photo: Capitol Reef National Park

If you are passionate about camping in the outdoors, these Teepees can give you the ultimate camping experience by taking care of your comfort and all luxuries. You will forget the messy roadside motel accommodations that you have to make use of when exploring wild areas in different states across the country. These custom accommodation units made of tents will change the way you have been camping until now. You will get rich furnishings, a cozy bed, and even fire pits inside these luxury canvas tents to have an unforgettable experience during your vacation.

photo: Red Cliff Lodge

For a moment, you will forget that you are staying inside a wild forest or a desert. These accommodation units are so stylish and full of comforts that some people prefer to label the experience glamping by combining the words glamour and camping. Imagine enjoying all modern amenities and luxuries in the midst of a natural landscape and also getting the mesmerizing views of the nature as soon as you step out of your Teepee.


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