This blog post is about being unique and bold enough to be a little different and see bohemian for what it truly is, an alternative approach, a cost effective alternative approach that is fucking cool, so that we can save money to travel, and let me tell you, Nidodileda brings it. This amazing boho fashion label from Greece has some of the best reception fashion ideas that I can find, and they are so well priced.

Best of all this high quality fashion label's pricing, while including the exchange rate from euros to dollars is still a steal and worth every penny! this is high fashion boho chic that is timeless, and a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. You might even consider buying your wedding gown from them - Make sure you take a look at the last photo I posted below, it is a white coat that would be the most perfect winter wedding gown if worn with a silk slip and it's only $214 dollars ( approximately $175 Euro)+ shipping! In fact all of the outfits on this site will range between $150 - $250. I added a few of the prices below, but you'll have to go to the website link to see the rest of the pricing and truly explore. Link to the Nidodileda website is down below - here are some of my favs ;) Have a happy day! Back to work! xx

Kyra Sequined Fringe - 175 Euros

Kyra Sequined Fringe - 175 Euros

$190 Euros

$188 Euros