August 4, 2017

 The day I met Inbal Raviv was the day Bohemian Bride was officially online. Her style was everything I was looking for approximately 11 months ago at a fall Bridal Expo in New York City. I walked through isles and isles of fluffy over the top gowns in search of a bohemian designer and found this lovely woman sitting and waiting for someone to support her. Her and I hit it off and I promised her I would be by her side every step of the way. It was designs like hers that fueled my interest in setting up this beautiful visual style library that I call Bohemian Bride. I feel so luck to own this domain and pursue my dreams and showcase designs such as hers. Please goto the designers tab and click on her profile to see more of Inbal Raviv's collection. I must call her today. I wonder what time it is in Israel right now?


Check out these beauties. 


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