Imagine that you've just got an invitation to attend the wedding of someone you know. You're excited and so happy for the soon to be wed couple. Then you notice the invitation says the wedding is bohemian themed. In your head, you're asking "what is that?" Out loud, you're wondering what to wear and how to carry yourself. If you've never been to a bohemian themed party, you may have no idea what to expect, even if you know this person well enough to guess their personality. The style might throw you for a bit of whirl!

The idea behind a bohemian styled wedding is trading the typical "formal" wear for a more casual and laid back look. This doesn't mean sweat pants or jeans and a t-shirt. The bohemian attitude is a care-free attitude. Individuals looking to celebrate are dressed well, but lack a focus on their attire. The day isn't about what anyone is wearing. The focus is on what everyone is feeling. It's common to see bright colors, as a means of demonstrating the celebration. While the bride may still choose to wear a flowing white gown, she may trade it for neutral colors and something more simplistic.


These dresses are from Show Me Your Mumu. They demonstrate the contrast in colors that you're likely to see at any bohemian wedding. Notice how the bride is still largely wearing white (or at least a shade), but adds a dash of color to co-ordinate with her bridesmaids.

The bohemian attire is often simplistic in design, while being rich in color. Everything worn is breathable and comfortable, reflecting a relaxed demeanor for the event. You're likely going to want to wear this attire over and over again throughout the summer because of how care-free it makes you feel. If you've got nothing in your wardrobe that fits the description, it's time to get shopping for something affordable and adorable.

Before you head out shopping, take a look at some of these designs to get you in the right direction!

Embellished Lace Gown by PISARRO NIGHTS (available at Nordstrom)

Anything from the Pisarro Nights collection send the right message to celebrate the occasion! Free-flowing attire is ideal, and the color selections are great as well. The mother of the bride (or groom) may choose neutral or dark colors, depending on the atmosphere. These dresses range in price, but are overall inexpensive.

Guests of the bride might be adorned in different fashion styles. It's most common to see short cock-tail styled dresses, or floor-length dresses. Both will have a free-flowing design, while being a variety of different colors. The patterns on most dresses is bound to be different, creating a beautiful contrast between the guests.

link to product: https://www.aliexpress.com

This dress demonstrates the idea of a short bohemian dress. This is great for the attendees who wish to wear something that doesn't hang too low. It's perfect for dancing, and getting a nice breeze. At the same time, isn't a distraction from the beauty of the bride.

link to product: Turlington Maxi Dress

While this dress is a suiting example of the longer designs most attendees will be wearing. Although, the color pattern can be almost anything, most guests will want to stick to neutral colors.

link to product: http://www.cichic.com

This dress from CiChic is is somewhere in the middle of the long/short ordeal. It has the elegance of a long dress, while providing the comfort of a shorter dress.

link to product: Kendall Maxi Dress

This dress is a gorgeous example of the style of attire for most bohemian weddings. Although many guests will opt for colors, there will be some who wear white and cream colored dresses.

Now, let's move on to menswear!

Image not found

Male guests attending a bohemian wedding are bound to looking simply smashing. The traditional attire includes patterns, neutral colors and... Suspenders! Yes, the leather suspenders can be pulled out and considered a "great look" for every bohemian styled wedding.

If you don't believe how good it looks, check out this picture, captured by Austin Gros Photographer

[URL: http://austingros.com ]

See how the whole look just fits together so perfectly?

A great way to attend any bohemian wedding is by syncing your attire with that of your date. Together, you can create a contrast of colors, such as the couple below:

[URL: http://www.highfiveforlove.com/ ]

By now, you should have a good idea about the bohemian wedding attire. Now it's the fun part: Shopping! Although most of what you're going to try on is going to seem like "the winner", try not to leave each store with a whole new wardrobe! Or, do! It's your money, may as well enjoy spending it!

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