I saw this photo on instagram and forgot to like or save it and I kid you not, I thought about how cool the ring berrer and flowergirls looked in this photo for weeks! I searched high and low to find this photo and share it with you. Amen! I found it! now here's the scoop.

The company making super cool boho clothes for kids is called Chasing Unicorns and they are based in Austrailia , of course, because Australians (especially those working and living in Byron Bay) understand, live, breath, boho style like none other. I have not married yet, nor have we set a date, but I am 100% certain that I want at least one of my ring berrers and one of my flower girls to wear the Wild Horses tunic and Wild Horses jacket that embrace the 60's style that I love so dearly. I may even want a flower girl to wear a white dress with the jacket. This awesome discovery is made with 100% silk velvet with gold cord embroidery and looks sooo adoreable, epically cool and timeless.


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