I recently discovered this lovely photo session by Joseph Willis.. While paging through his photos, I noticed that the Lane had covered their love story. I read through the article and had to share Tom's words when asked what does love mean to them?


what love means to us... I think love is mostly about sacrifice - because when it grabs a hold of you, you have no choice but to answer to it and follow it despite whatever self fulfilling journey you thought you were on. And that humility is liberating. Thats the best part about our love - its not a feeling that you choose, because it was already there - like its probably been forever. It’s nice in that way; its the one thing that is free of complication or burden or definition for us, and we live creative lives where we’re always reading and dreaming and asking why? - but love is there as the only constant - like your breath. Kahlil Gibran says that love has no desire but to fulfil itself and thats the ultimate objective we feel - to free yourself of hesitation and be able to rely on something like love. Its something only you two share, but you can’t touch it or see it, but its changing colour all the time and its yours - only more...















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