Los Mandarinos Hotel and Spa is one of my favorite vacation getaways. It's nestled in a valley surrounded by tropical mountains, in one of the most beautiful and most peaceful places on earth called El Valle De Anton, in Panama. If you love the mountains, waterfalls, exotic birds and butterflies, and do not want to be in a party city or too far from the most amazing beach ( it's called Santa Clara, and I'll tell you more about that later) this is the place for you! First I must say that every time I go to this small town thats about a 30 min breathtaking drive from the nearest highway, I feel completely rejuvinated. It's so non-touristy and jam packed with activities an locations to just relax and take in the view. This town is stunning and Los Mandarinos hotel is a charm. It has all that you need for a romantic getaway at a low cost. You can enjoy horseback riding, ziplining, hiking, visit a zoo, wander breathtaking gardens, soak in hot springs, hike to awesome waterfalls, shop at an outdoor artisan flea market, swim in a pool, rent motorcycles and dirt bikes, eat great food and/or relax at a spa. The hotel is next door to Casa Lourdes, a bed and breakfast that is also a great place to dine in the evening, in fact its the only place that I dine in the evening because its such a short walk from the hotel. Best of all, Santa Clara beach is a short $2 dollar bus ride away..

My perfect vacation, because I personally like to move around: Los Mandarinos in El Valle De Anton for two-three days, then Las Sirenas in Santa Clara for beach for two days. La Chorrera (my mothers home) for two days. Then back to work in NYC.

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