IT'S A GREAT DAY! I launched Bohemian Bride and I'm an official member of the press at New York Bridal Week. After one year and 9 months of researching this industry and building this website, I finally did it. I picked up my press pass at Pier 94 today ready to do this. I was on a serious hunt for up and coming bohemian designers. It was like hiking through a whimsical forest, chopping away vines in search of rare wild orchids. AND I FOUND THEM!

Here are the new members of our wonderful tribe showcasing their Spring 2017 collections.

Inbal Raviv

Inbal Raviv's bridal studio located in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel. When I found this booth, I almost got teary eye and took in a deep sigh of relief. Inbal Raviv's vision is so lovely. She began her career in the fashion industry as a wardrobe coordinator for television and a fashion stylist for magazines. After a brief period at F.I.T, which is where I also went to college, and as part of her decision to focus on fashion design, Inbal created a small collection of bridal gowns that became an instant hit among brides who wanted an original and unique look on their wedding day. A timeless elegance with a nonchalant look.

Meital Zano Hareli

The gorgeous Meital Zano Hareli is an Israeli fashion designer who I met sitting outside Pier 94 chatting with her agent. She didn't speak any english, but let me tell you, her and her agent looked fucking cool and was just oozing boho style. She graduated at the Shenkar Design Academy and is the winner of ‘Bilbao’ international young designers competition.

Maria Korovilas

I met the lovely Maria Korovilas from the west coast of the US, who had a booth filled gold and white fabrics coupled with pastel hues covered in florals. Her collection was inspired by her very own wedding and is a true-to-the-bone rebirth of vintage victorian that only a bohemian bride can pull off. If you are a redhead, look no further than this designer! Her color pallet was made for you! Maria is two months pregnant btw and I absolutely loved talking to her about motherhood. I love being a mommy. My two year old son, Phoenix Hunter is so adorable.

Rembo Styling

Designed in Belgium and made in Portugal, this was the first booth I ran into showcasing beautiful and understated bohemian gowns. I love the simplicity in the designs. Every dress from this fashion house is designed by young up and coming designers who are given so much creative freedom, joining forces as a team to execute such a sweet spring 17' collection.


I did not get a chance to meet the designer of Divine Atelier's wedding gowns, but I do know his name is Robert Petreanu and he is fabulous. He brings his own version of romantic minimalism together with a bohemian spirit that absolutely captured my heart.

One more t


These gowns are made for artists who seek the unconventional. Ronit Peleg & Galina Shelly are the designers of Ronalina, an Israeli brand based in Israel, who have been in business for 9 years and hope to expand worldwide. This booth had some of the most stand-out unique boho designs that caught everyone's attention.


The gowns at this booth were etherial bohemian chic designs that were truly unique. I'm waiting on a bio on this designer and will post as soon as I receive. For now click on the link to see more! love, love , love.

Happy birthday! I will nurture you and love you and protect you until my dying day.

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