Tanja and Zan's Wedding

Calamigos Ranch, Malibu, California

This isle is a beautiful artisinal presentation that is so boho chic. The lanterns, the stones, the bountiful natural surroundings of the world famous redwood tree forest. I wish Calamigos Ranch was my house!

Anyhow, the two rugs offer a warm and comforting sense of boho luxury and sophistication that compliment each other so well. What I love: The inversions of the color palettes between the two rugs are varied yet consistent, fitting into each other as perfectly as you do with your mate, true boho isle decor.

RENT them here - Botanic Events.

Rent Here: Azar Rug $75.00 Rent Here: Kaspar Rug $75.00'

REAL WEDDING GALLERY: View the rugs in music industry executives, Tanja and Zan's wedding. Yes they both work for a record label and are way cool. Their wedding venue is where I daydream about living btw, you must check it out. It's called Calamigos Ranch and it is so lush, with multiple ceremonial locations to choose from. It has magnificent trees, waterfalls and even a ferris wheel that you could say your I do's. I say, hello home. Let's go big!

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