I hope this blog post inspires you the way it inspires me. I live in New York and when we get married, I'd like to find a venue that could really take us away from it all, and make us feel like we're hosting a simple wedding on a remote island far far away. Which brought me to a boho wedding on quite literally the most remote island on the planet called St. Helena. This beauty floats between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Namibia, on the Southwestern Coast of Africa. My research brought me to discover Jim and Leah's traditional bohemian wedding at Byron View Farm.

Byron View Farms host sweet and intimate bohemian weddings that are picture perfect and require very little decoration. The natural settings of the landscape surrounding this extra special venue is just breathtaking. This wedding has a lot of simple, low cost ideas that we can all take note from.

above photo courtesy of, Byron View Farm Weddings, Saint Helena

Take a look at Leah and Jim's Wedding below. What I love the most about about this wedding is the choice of flowers and foliage that are native to the land, so wild and exotic.

Jim & Leah

Byron View Farms, St. Helena