I adore celestial inspired bohemian weddings surrounded by the natural backdrop of the night sky, especially under a full moon! Being outdoors on a warm night, under the shifting colors of the evening sky as the sun sets, nestled amidst trees and lush foliage can feel quite magical. Most importantly, you can calm your mind with any concerns about weather conditions under a tent. If you want the feel of a greenhouse, bring the foliage inside, such as branches and trailing floral tendrils. As the evening sets, you'll feel like you're in a midnight garden. Create a glittering starry setting with microlights and garlands of bare bulbs strung through the ceiling. If you have the budget to rent a larger tent I would recommend adding antique brass hanging chandeliers and a comfy lounge seating area with ethnic patterns in vibrant hues and earthy neutrals, which are so fun for photo ops.

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