July 23, 2016


If you want to wear a simple sexy silk dress on your wedding day, look no further than Johanna Johnson to buy the perfect silk dress and accessories for your boho gypset wedding. This particular starlet chic look by JJ will bring out 50 shades of your inner goddess on your wedding day. Below are images of my favorite gowns from her Muse, Hero and Starlet Collection.  Best of all, she has some of the most sophisticated boho chic looks, that if accessorized in just the right way, it will bring out a wild, original and free-spirited sex appeal for your new hubby on your wedding day/night.


My first choice for a bride wearing a Johanna Johnson would be this full ensemble with any headpiece of your choice from her collection. 


The Garner Gown with the Everly Bodice Chain. 


Total = $2,060



The Garner


The Everly Bodice Chain


If you are having a rustic, medieval, ornamental boho chic gathering, the dresses below would look great! 



Starlet Collection: The Lansbury 


 Muse Collection: The Lexington



 Starlet Collection: The Sterling with Austen Belt 



Starlet Collection: The Turner with Fontaine Coat 




 Hero Collection: The Magnolia with Zephyr Belt 



Hero Collection: The Vivia with Vivia Beaded Belt






The Hero Collection: The Hepburn

 Hero Collection: The Lancaster









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