If you are planning a boho rustic wedding and are looking for an easy and/or inexpensive DIY solution for lighing and/or decorating your barn, tent, or even dancefloor, look no futher - wild grapevines are the way to go! But there's a challenge involved that requires a few phone calls or a fun day trip to your nearest vineyard or farm. Find the grapevines! If you grow them wild in your backyard, perfect. Let me just say that if you don't know a farmer or winemaker, I gaurantee they are nearby, and my dear bohemians, here's your opportunity to make an introduction! They almost ALL love couples that soon to be married and may offer a great reception venue for your ultra hip wedding. If all else fails, you may find lots to work with at your local arts and craftstore.

All you need is a beach ball, grapevines and LOTS of 3 inch pieces of wire.

Cost to make is very low.


$2.77 Wedding Lights

$4.49 Lantern Power Cord

Light bulbs

$1.68 Beach Ball

$2.00 Wire

Total Cost = Way under $10

You could cover them in flowers, or wrap them in strings of light, or even hang a one bulb fixture. Either way you go, you're gauranteeed to save money making them yourself.





After your wedding you can bring them to your home and hang them around your backyard.

Now without further ado, here's how to make them:

by, Lynne Knowlton

Step 1: Find Grapevines. Do the research because they are guaranteed to be growing wild at your local farm, forest or vineyard.

Step 2: Inflate your beach balls and start wrapping the vines around them.

Step 3: Fasten them with wire so that they hug the beach ball and deflate the ball. Carefully pull it out from the inside.

So wild.

Click here for an in-depth tutorial.

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