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My personal experience is the game looks great, but the controls are terrible and the UI is incomprehensible. It's like they were afraid of making a game with obvious control and UI problems... The game was definitely not designed for localization. It's also really bad that they kept some japanese in this game. Really bad taste and cultural appropriation.The White House and senior officials sought to portray President Donald Trump as outraged by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recusal from oversight of the Russia investigation, a claim that is contradicted by contemporaneous evidence. Although there is evidence that Trump was aware of Sessions’ concerns about the Russia probe, current and former White House officials told The Daily Beast that he did not lobby Sessions to keep his post after learning that Sessions’ recusal would prevent him from stepping in to oversee special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. The administration’s rhetoric contradicts the president’s more recent comments, when he claimed that he had originally expected Sessions to recuse himself from the investigation, and told one interviewer that Sessions had told him he wanted to keep his job. “I think I had planned on that,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News’s Jeanine Pirro in early March. “But I never asked him to do that.” However, Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort testified under oath during his federal trial in Alexandria, Virginia, in August that Trump called him to find out whether Sessions should remain attorney general. “The president wanted to know,” Manafort told a federal jury. “And I said, ‘You should leave it up to Jeff, and I’ll talk to Jeff.’ And I talked to him, and I told him, ‘Jeff is really the one that should make that determination.’” Trump’s allies have also falsely claimed that Sessions resigned his post and has faced constant criticism from Trump for recusing himself. However, both Sessions and former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein stepped down from their posts after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. During an event on Thursday, one administration official said Sessions “was shocked” to learn that Trump was upset about his recusal. “He was shocked. He didn’t know about it,” the official said of the president’s anger over the recusal. “He knew



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