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Taylor Hill + Daniel Fryer's Colorado Ranch Wedding

Welcome to Bohemian Bride, where we bring you the latest wedding updates! Although we may be a little late to report this wedding, we couldn't resist sharing the beauty of model Taylor Hill's nuptials with British entrepreneur Daniel Fryer that took place this summer. Set against the stunning backdrop of Devil's Thumb Ranch in Winter Park, Colorado, this picturesque occasion will surely inspire your own wedding dreams.

Discovering Love on a Ranch

Taylor Hill Wedding

For Taylor Hill, the former Victoria's Secret angel, Devil's Thumb Ranch holds a special place in her heart. It was here, where she was raised before embarking on her successful modeling career, that a photographer spotted her as she rode horses with her family. Little did she know then that this very place would later witness her heartwarming union with the love of her life.

Taylor Hill Wedding

A Celebration of Splendid Moments

Taylor Hill Wedding at Devils Thumb Ranch Colorado

Taylor Hill envisioned her wedding to be a relaxed affair, capturing the essence of her hometown. Reflecting on the day, she shared her nerves and excitement before walking down the aisle. However, as soon as she laid eyes on Danny, a sense of tranquility washed over her, and their special connection became the focal point amidst the beautiful surroundings. Rain or shine, their love prevailed and created a magical experience for all in attendance.

Taylor Hill Wedding
Bohemian Wedding Altar

The Dress of Dreams

Etro's First Wedding Dress - Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill's wedding dress was a true masterpiece, designed exclusively for her by the creative genius Marco de Vincenzo of Etro.

Marco de Vincenzo and Taylor Hill

The custom off-the-shoulder gown, the first-ever bridal creation by Etro, perfectly complemented the rustic charm of the American West. Taylor expressed her admiration for the top and sleeves of the dress, which exuded an air of romance that she had always envisioned. To maintain her bohemian spirit, she opted to go barefoot and fully embrace the connection with the earth.

Taylor Hill in Etro wedding dress

Taylor Hill back of wedding dress

Taylor Hill and Daniel Fryer's Wedding

Taylor Hill's wedding was a dreamy Western affair, blending her personal charm with the captivating aura of Devil's Thumb Ranch. From the relaxed atmosphere to the breathtaking dress, every detail was meticulously chosen to create a memorable experience. We hope this glimpse into Taylor Hill's love story has inspired you as you plan your own special day. Stay tuned for more enchanting wedding tales at Bohemian Bride!





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