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Bourbon Barrel Aged - 75% Dark Chocolate by Harper Macaw - Say hello to a delicious new nightcap. This limited release chocolate bar was made in the spirit of experimentation. For six months harper macaw aged their Amazonian cocoa beans in a bourbon whiskey barrel supplied by their neighbors at One Eight distilling in the District of Columbia. The cocoa beans absorbed the flavors and aromas of bourbon soaked in the barrel's charred oak walls. This synthesis of American whiskey and Brazilian cocoa culminated in a stunning harmony and noble essence.


ADMIRAL™ Double Opener Corkscrew by Viski - Why shouldn’t corkscrews do more? Ours integrates a classic bottle opener, double-hinged arm and five-turn helix, then adds a graspable foil cutter, power bottle opener and polished wood inlay to its handle


The Ritual of Samurai shave foam by Rituals - The gel transforms into a rich gel with ingredients basil and ginseng for a moisturizing and revitalizing effect. Designed for urban warriors who want to look their best with minimal effort.


Native American Collection | For Those Who Came Before | Christine Quintasket candle by Ethics Supply - Scents: Sunflower | Sweet Mariposa Lily, comes with matches that have a photo of Christine Quintasket, the first female Native American Author and a bridge builder between clashing cultures. She bore witness in her writings to the last of the wild buffalo being captured & slaughtered in Montana. The crossing arrows is a symbol for friendship in Native American culture.


Belmont™ Hammered Brass Shot Glasses by Viski - This pair of lustrous bell-shaped shot glasses is handcrafted from pure brass to hold two ounces apiece of your preferred libation.


The Champagne Cocktail by The Carry On - Whether your on a flight or in your kitchen, this champagne mixer is so delicious! This kit includes the tools to craft two elderflower Champagne cocktails mid-flight: small-batch elderflower syrup, 1/2 oz jigger, a travel-size bar spoon, a recipe card and a linen coaster. Just add the hard stuff and stir.


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