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Edith Growing Candle by Hyggelight - This amazing candle has a sandlewood + vanilla scent. What can you do with your Growing Candle after the wax is gone? Plant some wildflowers, of course. All the labels around this beautiful candle has seeds embedded into them. Once the wax is gone, fill your container with soil, plant the label (just like any other seed), and grow yourself some flowers! Mind = Blown. Includes a watercolor with instructions on how to grow a plant in your candle. 


Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set by Bows & Arrows - A simple solution to the tons of plastic utensils – bamboo! This is the eco-friendly bamboo cutlery set, designed with a stylish canvas wrap case and features -- all the utensils a person would need while on the go. Whether it's fast food or pad thai, you'll always be ready for food. Manufacturing our travel cutlery set with bamboo means that these utensils aren't only stylish and easy to use, they're also made from one of the most renewable resources we have. 


The Love by Sacred Love Lotus - CREATE MOMENTS OF PRESENCE AND CONNECTION this tea or coffee bottle is made of lightweight stainless steel and natural, sustainably sourced bamboo.  INSPIRE, CONNECT, LOVE - Featuring a subtle, beautiful, design and mantra 'Only Love' to inspire and infuse presence and connection in your day. Such a great gift to inspire someone special to live a more soulful, connected and aligned life; This is gift is healthy for the environment and your body. 


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