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A crescent moon adorned with sacred geometry drops from a long sparkling chain featuring  clear quartz crystals.  This long wrap necklace can be worn as a choker, a back piece or a long necklace. The weight of the crystals secure this piece in place.

style tips:

- wrap both ends around your neck and gently loop the ends through eachother  (tying only the first step of a bow) under the crescent

- loop the crystal ends in the back of your neck to drip down your spine

- wrap around two times for a short 3 layer choker


Meaning of Quartz | Healing Benefits

 ⟁ Light Workers Stone

⟁ Embodies power, energy, and clarity

⟁ Amplifies energetic vibrations 

⟁ Balances and harmonizes the Chakras

⟁ Stimulates immune system

⟁ Enhances psychic abilities

⟁ Deflects free radicals and electromagnetic pollution


  • Made to order - Ships in 1 - 2 weeks. 

  • Wild Tide Collective

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