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Identical twin sisters from Australia grew up in a place called The Secret Garden.
A shared love of the bohemian chic we saw on French pop stars and European movies of the sixties and seventies drew us to London, Paris and Berlin where we soaked up the free spirited attitude, the nostalgic elegance and we began to make our own dreams come true through fashion, music and art.

Wanderlust brought us to California and to the hilltop hideaway where we are now based. The 1950's style studio is filled with natural light and the sounds of birds from the Lavender garden, you can sip tea or champagne while we help you find the perfect dress. Our collection of enchanting, timeless dresses is pieced together from a delicate assortment of French laces and hand dyed silks. 

The bohemian style dresses are a combination of California sunshine and vintage elegance, that bring all your childhood wedding day dreams to life.


Hollywood, California USA