Daughters of Simone started out of a yearning to do something different in this big wide world of wedding dresses. The name was inspired by the philosopher ‘Simone De Beauvoir’, a woman who did her own thing, took names, and always left a mark during a time when that just wasn’t cool for women to do. She is the heart & soul of DOS and the label strives to sprinkle her in everything they do.

Meet the sisters behind the line, Ashley and Brittany Castanos.  Raised by a carpenter father, and an abstract artist mother, their childhood was anything but ordinary. A typical childhood setting up canvas in the backyard, and splattering colorful independence, self-determination and creativity were cornerstones of their formative years. And, out of which their eye for unorthodox never faltered.

Ash and Brit are inspired by their mothers very own 1970’s off the shoulder wedding gown, backpacking trips through Indonesia and Australia, and the soul-baring & tenacious women of the world who remind them to keep charging forward.


Fresno, California USA