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Welcome  To A Modern Bohemian


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Welcome to Bohemian Bride! We're thrilled to announce our newly launched wedding marketplace and digital magazine – the perfect place for vendors like you to reach new customers! Did you know that modern bohemian weddings make up a third of the $70 billion bridal marketplace? That's why we're here to help make wedding planning easier for a new generation of lovers. 

Our exclusive invitation page is now open to you for only $250 USD annually, at a locked-in, five-year rate. By joining Bohemian Bride, you'll become part of a dedicated community that celebrates true authenticity and promotes only the finest vendors. We'll be thrilled to help you book your venue or services, and you'll be part of the best-of-the-best directory that engages a dedicated following - and attracts eager new customers. 

Don't miss this opportunity to promote your business and grow with us! To get started, simply select a button below and join our community today!